Burnout Paradise PS3 Torrent

Burnout Paradise is the place where the grass is green and the girls are pretty. Kidding, actually Paradise city is where you will find the most amazing cars that ever existed and you will destroy them in epic battles because is more fun this way.

Burnout Paradise PS3 Game

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This game by far the best game in the Burnout franchise and I will tell you just why. Your play zone is the big open world of Paradise City and this is your menu too, if you want to race you just go to an event, wait for your opponents to appear and drive. If you want to exit a race or an event you just stop for a few seconds, what you cannot do though is restart the event, you have to drive all the way back to the place where you started it.

Another thing that is cool and maybe frustrating at first is that this game doesn’t block the streets during races, meaning that you can go to the finish line wherever you like and at first you will have to check your map a lot, you will pause the race a good couple of time just to see of you are going the right way, but that what makes this game special and more realistic, although it’s not at all close to real racing.

Burnout Paradise PS3 Torrent

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Throughout the city there are different shops where you can go even when you are racing. You have paint shops that give a new color to your car, you have repair shops that you can go through to repair your damaged car, you have gas stations to fill your boost meter and garages from where you can pick your car.

All this is super fun and you have three types of cars, you have Stunt cars which are the usual Burnout cars that you are used to which are have a good speed and they can maintain very well on the road. Aggression cars are big and heavy and they are good for takedowns and road rages and finally there are Speed cars which give you a lot of boost, they are light and you won’t be doing a lot of takedowns with them, you can but you will have a bad time doing it.

A new addition to the games are the motorcycles and the there are sever several updates to the game such as day and night cycle or the fictional “Big Surf Island”.

Burnout Paradise PS3 Torrent Game

Online gaming is where Burnout Paradise knows what is up. You have an easydrive menu, which you also can find in the latest Need for Speed games. You access the menu and go online, that’s it, your car doesn’t move, you go Freeburn Online and there you meet with your friends and drive, do challenges, compete or just cruise around. I’ve told you that this big city is also your menu, you only have to do the driving and have fun.

You also have two types of crashes, you have a “wrecked” crash which means that your chassis is destroyed or you lost some wheels which means that you need to wait for your car to be respawned or you have “driveaway” from which you are still able to drive your car and it has all of it’s wheels. And don’t worry about the Crash Mode, it’s back! And now it’s called Showtime. You can do a Showtime whenever you want, wherever you want and as long as you keep smashing cars and don’t run out of boost, you can do it for how long you want and it can pass even a half an hour easily. Do I need to say more? I think I don’t. Go and get this game now! You will love driving in the Paradise City and there are lots of fun waiting for you.

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